Health Organizations

Incorporate world-class genetic counseling into your health organization

Genetic counseling included with every test
Our AI-enhanced and cost-effective genetic counseling solutions allow labs to include genetic counseling services with their genetic tests, at no added cost to you or the patient. Patients receive a phone consultation, and physicians receive access to the genetic counselor or pharmacist for any follow-up questions or support.
Pharmacogenomics (PGx)
A clinician-centered approach to pharmacogenomics
Pharmacogenomics (PGx), where DNA can predict which medications and dosages work better, is making its way into mainstream healthcare.

Our clinician-centered approach will allow you to more quickly realize the PGx promise of reducing costs while improving overall health and satisfaction of patients.
What about my 23andMe results?

Dealing with the avalanche of information available from the broad screening tools, such as 23andMe or Ancestry's direct-to-consumer data, has never been easier.

DNAVisit helps clinicians to distill down the DTC information to what's relevant, and help patients connect the dots.
Finally, genetic counseling as-a-service with simple pricing!
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